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Strip Steaks on Vermont Grilling Stones

Strip Steaks on Vermont Grilling Stones

The Ultimate Grilling Experience

I have been a “grill guy” forever. I am always looking for the next best grill, or grill gizmo.  Well, my search was over when my daughter Erica gave me a pair of Vermont Grilling Stones for Christmas.  I read all the directions and claims on the box and I couldn’t wait until the weather got a little warmer and I could try them out. Now it’s a month later, I have used my stones at least ten times, and the claims are TRUE.  Yes, “every time you use them it gets better”. Honest.  Vermont Grilling stones are made of heavy basalt (igneous rock), they measure about 6” x 14”  x 1” I would suggest buying two ($39.95) …….that way you can grill larger items, and even pizzas!   The first thing you do is oil them.  The oil soaks into the stone and provides an almost non-stick surface. This is especially great for fish and seafood,  (the residual heat provides perfect temperature control) which turns out fantastic. If you hate to clean your grill, this is also amazing because these stones clean themselves!  So far I have grilled, chicken, lamb chops, burgers, kofta, and lots and lots of seafood.  These grilling stones are just the best thing that could ever happen to a “grill guy”.  Enjoy…………

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