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Gaz-WOW-cho (Chilled Spanish Veggie Soup)

Gaz-WOW-cho, Spanish chilled veggie soup

Wellness is a natural state of equilibrium or being in balance.  St.Luke said “heal thyself”  When your body and mind are in balance your body will heal itself. Unfortunatel, America has become lazy.  We have let others take charge of our health. Just take a pill.  Just look around and you you’ll see this doesn’t work.

We all need to become more self reliant and serious about a healthy lifestyle.

Today, over 33% of Americans are obese.

We could eliminate obesity by following some simple guidelines and improve our chance of living a longer and healthier life 

Try this and feel better:

* Calculate your body mass index at

* Consume fresh organic foods close to their source

* Avoid hydrogenated foods

* Learn to read and head food labels

* Drink lots of filtered ionized water

* Eliminate high fructose corn sugar

* Eliminate high glycemic foods

* Avoid white flour and white sugar

* Be active, “when you rest you rust.”

* Add fiber to your diet

* Reduce total calories

* Replace processed foods with fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grains

* Use only olive, coconut or grape seed oils.

Wellness cooking is preparing nutritious meals that are delicious and yet nutritious.

If this sounds impossible, try this simple unique summer gazpacho (Spanish chilled soup) It’s a combination of  pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, lime/lemon juice, and cilantro with a little kick of jalapeno pepper….it is very refreshing, you’ll be the hit of the party.

Pineapple/watermelon Gazpacho (Gaz-WOW-cho)

Chilled Spanish fresh vegetable soup

Fat free, calorie free, gluten free!

2 cups pineapple

½ cup red pepper

3 stalks celery 

1 -2 cucumbers (seeded)

2  cups watermelon

½ cup red onion

½  small mild jalapeno pepper (de-seeded)

1 toe chopped garlic

1 cup  cilantro

2 TBS lemon juice

4 TBS lime juice

3 TBS raspberry vinegar

1 20 oz can crushed tomatoes (Dei Fratelli brand is great)

 chives for garnish


Place first 12 ingredients in food processor

PULSE  until chunky, add tomatoes, pulse.

 Chill at least two hours before serving


ABOUT THE AUTHOR,  Wellness Chef Doug Cordier, is a food writer, TV cook, and Certified Nutrition Wellness Consultant.  Owner of Cascom Group Travel, Doug has been teaching corporate and Italian cooking classes plus leading culinary tours to their villa in Tuscany. For more foodie thoughts and recipes, try or call 313-881-6699



Summer Fruit Salsa……. or Ceviche?…….REFRESHING! 

Summer fruit salsa

Beautiful to behold, this deliciously different fruit salsa is perfect for the warmer months. Fruit salsa goes well with grilled meats, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and vegetables.  But…it’s  most amazing asset is its nutritional value. This recipe serves four people yet it is almost CALORIE FREE!  25 calories, and .03 grams of fat per serving (if you don’t add the  raspberry vinaigrette)  Plus it is totally GLUTEN FREE, and can become a refreshing CEVICHE by just adding some chopped shrimp.

So many times during the warmer months, we get bored with the same old salads.  Why not add a different sweet and sour twist with watermelon, pineapple, plus a little jalapeno kick to boot.


                                                                               Calories            Fat       

½ cup pineapple (1/4 “ chop)                      33              .02

½ cup tomato (1/4 “ chop)                            10              .01

½ cup watermelon (1/4 “ chop)                10              .01

½ cup cucumber (1/4 “ chop)                    10              .02

¼  cup diced jalapeno pepper                    12              .02                 

½ cup  chopped green onion tops            5              .01

½  cup  red onions (diced)                           20              .01

½ cup chopped cilantro                                 0              .01

Pinch sea salt                                   Total         100            .11

Vinaigrette                                                       250-350      .00

Add 1 tsp lemon or lime juice, plus 1 TBS raspberry vinegar to bowl, whisk in 2-3 TBS olive oil until thickened.  (3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar)  Don’t add the vinaigrette yet.  Refrigerate for one hour. For the freshest flavor, toss the salsa with a pinch of salt and then the vinegar just before you serve it, or you can add the vinaigrette and let it marinate before serving.

(vinaigrette adds 200 – 300 calories)

 Special Note:  CEVICHE

Try adding chopped shrimp to this salsa and it becomes ceviche, the famous South American dish dating back to the Incas.

 Needless to say, preparing and eating delicious and nutritious foods is not only fun, but really good for your health.

 About the Author:  Wellness Chef Doug Cordier, is a food writer, TV cook, Certified Ergonomic Consultant and business man. Doug is the owner of Cascom Group Travel and has been teaching corporate and Italian cooking classes for twenty years, plus leading culinary tours to their villa in Tuscany. For more foodie thoughts and recipes, try  


My friend George Diamond with his latest book


Losing Weight Doesn’t Mean Bad Tasting Food

Do you think losing weight means eating bland foods?  If you answered “YES” you are not alone.  When I was starting the weight-loss process, I would have answered, “YES” to this question also.  This was one of the hesitations I had with losing weight. I thought I had to start eating healthy, bad tasting and low calorie foods.  This is far from the truth.  Healthy food does not have to taste bad.  Low calorie food does not have to be bland.

A good way to keep from eating bland foods is to add spices to your food for an explosion of flavor that can help satisfy your taste buds.  I have also found that flavorful food will be more satisfying, and therefore, I won’t eat as much.  Additionally, it will keep me from feeling that I was depriving myself of eating good-tasting  foods. 

There are many different spices I like to use. Hot and spicy seasonings, like chilies, curry, chili power, paprika, Cajun seasoning, and / or mustard can add a nice kick to your meal.  These hot spices have been shown to boost metabolism rates.  They will also add an explosion of taste to your meal. 

If these spices are too hot for your palette, you can try others like, garlic power, pepper, oregano, onion power to name a few.

Spices will add a lot of flavor to your meals without having to use a lot of fat and calories.  Once again,  many of the hotter seasonings and spices speed up the digestive system and may help your body burn a few extra calories.  I am certain that Doug will be showing you how to prepare foods that will not only taste great but will be healthy for you.  Always remember to watch your portion sizes. Healthy foods can pack on the weight if eaten in large quanties.

For more information on how to lose weight and keep it off visit.

George A. Diamond

Author of the book: “Don’t Diet! Just Think And Get Thin