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              DIM SUM TROLLEY


  Octopus, Spring rolls and Scallop/shrimp rolls

Dim Sum originated in Southern China hundreds of years ago as part of the YUM CHA “drinking tea” tradition.  Dim Sum means “to touch the heart”. The best way to describe these delicious treats is to address them as Chineese antipasti, tapas, or hors d’ouvres. They are usually steamed or deep fried and can be savory or sweet.  I first encountered them decades ago in San  Francisco.  Back then you could only find them in Chineese bakeries…..but today they can be found in most large cities.  They are absolutly addictive! My all time favorite place is Jing Fong in New York’s China Town (#20 Elizabeth St)  There on the second floor you will find 120 beautiful fucia tables with hundreds of Dim Sum fans……..enjoying a continuous stream of ladies pushing trolleys loaded with stange and inticing little plates and steamers of Shiu Mai, Crispy Taro Kor, Steamed Chicken Feet, Spring Rolls, Shark Fin Dumplings, Spicy Garlic Squid  etc.   Here in Michigan, we enjoy the selection at the Golden Harvest ( 6880 12 Mile Rd, Warren, MI )  The best time to find a good selection of Dim Sum is on a Sat or Sunday, between 11 am and 2 pm.  Be sure to pick only the hot dishes on top of the trolley, and not the ones on the bottom shelves.   Once you take the first plunge, you will be hooked forever!