Who would have guessed that two substances long associated with indulgence could be so good for us.

For the last several years, food researchers, chemists and doctors have learned that both red wine and chocolate contain powerful phytochemicals that offer disease prevention and are beneficial to our good heath………but together, they can be a key to wellness and healthy living.

 RED WINE  and CHOCOLATE (in moderation) 

*Contain  CATECHINS that raise HDL (good) cholesterol levels

*Contain  RESVERATROL which rejuvenates cells.

* High in  antioxidants, flavonoids, sapponins, and polyphenols

* Prevent blood clots

* Reduce  inflammation


* Lower  blood pressure

*Reduce  atherosclerosis

* Hardens enamel and prevents tooth decay

* Contain  GUERCETIN, which helps prevent lung cancer

*Increase libido

* Prevent  osteoporosis

* Lower  blood sugar

*Support  your immune system

*Reduce stress

*PLUS….helps with ADD/ADHD, allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia,

  Wrinkles, asthma, cataracts, constipation, fibromyalgia, insomnia, memory loss, prostrate cancer, stroke and much more!

Red wine and dark chocolate Pairings

Paring red wine and chocolate is a delicious task. Both red wine and chocolate have more than 500 subtle flavor components that enhance each other.

  • Chocolate has been enjoyed since the Olmec Indians discovered its benefits in 1500 BC.
  • Both chocolate and wine come from fruits and are products of fermentation.
  • Choose chocolate with over 50% cacao
  • Enjoy the color, textures, and aromas of both wine and chocolate.
  • Chocolate melts at body temperature (98 degrees) Observe the tastes and textures of both as you slowly swirl combinations in your mouth.
  • Cleanse your pallet with water after each pairing
  • Both red wine and dark chocolate contain impressive amounts of healthy chemical compounds.

Here are some pairings you can try.

   Hazel Nut Truffle +  Block 9 Pinot Noir

   Semi Sweet +  Ferreira Ruby Port

   Mocha Brandy + Grayson Zinfandel

   Dark Chocolate Sea Salt + Buller Tawny Port

   Grand Marnier + Red Dust Shiraz

   Raspberry Truffle+  Twenty Bench Cabernet Sauvignon

The Secret:  The polyphenols and antioxidants in Red wine and dark chocolate in combination are more effective than alone.  So enjoy these two super health foods together everyday.

          The Chocolate Therapist, by Julie Pech, John Wiley Inc, Hoboken, NY


Melt the following ingredients in a pot, let it cool down, pour onto a sheet of parchment paper.  Chill in frig or freezer.

1 cup coconut oil, ¾ cup light raisins, ¾ cup sliced almonds, ¼ chunky almond butter, ¾ cup un-sweetened cocoa powder, 1 TBS vanilla,  3 TBS agave nectar or quality honey.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR,  Wellness Chef Doug Cordier, is a food writer, TV cook, and Certified Nutrition Wellness Consultant.  Owner of Cascom Group Travel, Doug has been teaching corporate and Italian cooking classes plus leading culinary tours to their villa in Tuscany. For more foodie thoughts and recipes, try www.cookingwithcordier or call 313-881-6699

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