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Losing Weight Doesn’t Mean Bad Tasting Food

Do you think losing weight means eating bland foods?  If you answered “YES” you are not alone.  When I was starting the weight-loss process, I would have answered, “YES” to this question also.  This was one of the hesitations I had with losing weight. I thought I had to start eating healthy, bad tasting and low calorie foods.  This is far from the truth.  Healthy food does not have to taste bad.  Low calorie food does not have to be bland.

A good way to keep from eating bland foods is to add spices to your food for an explosion of flavor that can help satisfy your taste buds.  I have also found that flavorful food will be more satisfying, and therefore, I won’t eat as much.  Additionally, it will keep me from feeling that I was depriving myself of eating good-tasting  foods. 

There are many different spices I like to use. Hot and spicy seasonings, like chilies, curry, chili power, paprika, Cajun seasoning, and / or mustard can add a nice kick to your meal.  These hot spices have been shown to boost metabolism rates.  They will also add an explosion of taste to your meal. 

If these spices are too hot for your palette, you can try others like, garlic power, pepper, oregano, onion power to name a few.

Spices will add a lot of flavor to your meals without having to use a lot of fat and calories.  Once again,  many of the hotter seasonings and spices speed up the digestive system and may help your body burn a few extra calories.  I am certain that Doug will be showing you how to prepare foods that will not only taste great but will be healthy for you.  Always remember to watch your portion sizes. Healthy foods can pack on the weight if eaten in large quanties.

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George A. Diamond

Author of the book: “Don’t Diet! Just Think And Get Thin


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