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Marco and Aldo with fresh lamb

The Ultimate Stuffed Lamb……..

My friend (and former science student)  Mark Garmo owns the Village Market  (Grosse Pointe, MI) and also a farm where he raises very special lambs.  The day before Easter this year, I thought it would be a great idea if I could “procure” some of this lamb, so I asked Mark. Unfortunately, Mark explained that he could not sell the lamb he raised on his farm because of strict regulations, BUT…….he just happened to get in a new shipment that day, and he would love to supply this high quality product.  Mark also assured me that his “very talented butchers” could take care of my needs immediately. Next thing I knew, I was consulting with Franco and Aldo Ostialeto. I mentioned that I wanted some lamb ribs. Franco said he would find the best lamb ribs I ever had. In fact, Franco said that I should stuff the breast and ribs….and HE would prepare a special stuffing.  I asked what kind of stuffing?  Franco insisted he would make up something especially for ME……and he did……….ground veal and spices with a rosemary/garlic marinade!   

OMG…I watched as Franco and Aldo cut this swatch of ribs right off a fresh lamb, then     created this stuffed amazing masterpiece. Finally they were finished, and so proud of what they had created that we all stood around and took photos!  I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to roast up the stuffed lamb. So the next day I placed the roast on a rack, covered it with more garlic, and olive oil…….and popped it in a 450 degree oven for fifteen minutes then reduced the heat to 325 degrees, finished the roast to an internal temp of 150 degrees, tented it for 10 minutes…………and served it.  Holy Cow, or Holy Lamb, what a treat! The roast was so great, and Marco and Aldo were right………..this was the best stuffed lamb you could imagine.  Thanks guys.

Photo by Doug Cordier