I think I first became interested in food when one of my buddies and I  (Bill Nolan) toured Europe on motorcycles way back when. We were 18 years old and the greenest travelers that ever roamed the planet. Experiencing the simple foods of Europe and especially Italy, changed my life. Later in life I realized that I could re-create the special ethnic qualities of these foods  right here at home in Michigan .Because of this unique talent, some of my friends think I am  a  “culinary savant”

 I have been teaching what I call “cross ethnic” cooking classes for many years, but my heart belongs to the fabulous foods of Italy. I love and respect Italian cuisine because the dishes have been reduced to the minimum of fresh ingredients.  Unlike other cuisines that rely on complicated sauces and techniques, Italian dishes are a build up of layers of simple flavors. 

Since those early days my bride (MaryBeth) and I have been fortunate to do a lot of traveling. We take a group to Tuscany every year on a culinary safari. Cooking with Cordier is a collection of  my own recipes used in class with my students, plus experiences and ideas for unique foods that we have encountered in our travels.  Let’s think about those day to day  healthy blessings we can enjoy from preparing our meals from fresh ingredients.   Buon appetitto!


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